Farm holidays

´╗┐Leave hustle and bustle behind!

Enjoy the peace and stillness on our farm in its very sunny location. Relaxation and activity, nature and animals, sport and fun...

We are a small, family-run establishment where everyone lends a hand. Robert, the farmer, takes care of fresh milk and the wonderful green meadow. Ibi, the farmer' wife, keeps the farm looking beautiful. We all strive to ensure that our farm is as lively as possible and to make sure that our guests get to take part.

Not only our guests enjoy the good air in Gaid, but also our cattle, who can go outside every day. The farm also has dairy cows, calves, pigs, rabbits, quails and chickens that lay fresh eggs for breakfast.

Our friendly cats and dog are just waiting to be pampered by our little guests. The children can go to the stable every day, watch the work there and help out. If anyone is interested in riding, please feel free to get in touch.

We can happily organize a job in the area for you.


Our farm is run with lots of love. The fruit trees around the house and a lovely organic garden provide us almost all year round with fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables, which we then use in our produce. You can enjoy our products in a farmhouse snack with home-made sausage and bacon.

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